The Call of Duty franchise is indeed one of the favorite shooter game titles. In 2019, they successfully released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which evoked nostalgia and expectations from fans. Unexpectedly, multiplayer mode titled “Warzone” was distributed free at the beginning of the year.

Getting a free battle royale game offer certainly makes fans happy. But, of course, players want to know first whether Call of Duty: Warzone manages to provide originality and offer interesting gameplay?

So, so that you know what quality is in Call of Duty: Warzone, here is the review. Listen carefully, yes!


Tons of Updates in Warzone

Different from battle royale games in general, Call of Duty: Warzone offers a new experience. Now, if the player looks closely, many locations are marked in the warzone. Instead of marking regions with valuable loot like Apex Legends, COD: Warzone offers Contract which is quite a complicated mission.

There are three types of Contracts that players can choose, namely Bounty to hunt enemies, Recon to keep certain points, and Scavenger to hunt Loot Boxes. Carrying out missions will reward players with Cash and fill the game to become more chaotic. You will certainly panic if team members are targeted by Bounty and our whereabouts are known by others.

The presence of Contract provides a certain color and phase in the game. As a result, Warzone became a chaotic battle arena. Players are also required a lot to develop the best strategy, whether it’s playing actively by executing contracts or playing passively by looking for loot like in PUBG.

Even if they lose and die in battle, players have a second chance to re-enter the battle when they go 1v1 in Gulag. Later, the players who win will immediately be deployed near the team members. The Gulag was a kind of test of whether a dead player was worthy of going into battle once again.

When Erangel was released for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it felt like the area was too quiet and didn’t challenge the players. Now, Verdansk appears to be one of the most complicated battle royale locations. There are many areas such as quiet villages, high dams, to city centers with skyscrapers.

Uniquely, this ecosystem also allows players to feel a fairly varied shift in areas. Activision has also carefully adapted this map from the various battle zones that were present in its Multiplayer mode. Verdansk also appears as a joint location that provides players with a background in past battles.

With a variety of objectives from Contract to Loadout Drop, Verdansk is never empty of battles. Although this map is classified as smaller than other battle royale settings, the tight location makes players have to rack their brains when moving to the desired location. This is why this game is indeed more suitable to be played with a three-member team rather than solo.


A Battle Royale That Emphasizes Character Development

Unlike other battle royale games that are more casual, Call of Duty: Warzone initiates character development. Yep, here are some features such as Killstreak, Field Upgrade, and weapons must be unlocked by the level of your character. But, wait a minute. In the battle royale, this was all over again from scratch. Features unlocked by players can only be marked in Loadout or used in Plunder mode.

With a development like this, players are given the opportunity to be able to win matches in the future. It’s a kind of rewarding if you feel like you’ve never won. Later, character progression will also stop when we have touched the highest rank. Activision also limits microtransactions with the level of weapons, characters, and even loadouts that can’t be purchased and can only be obtained from the game. Fair enough, right?

On the other hand, the weapons in Warzone can be said to be quite complicated for those of you who have never touched the Call of Duty shooter game franchise. The reason is, here weapons don’t need attachments so players can practically loot or pick up weapon preferences in Loadout with the help of Loadout Drop.

This is considered very suitable, because the number of players who reach 150 is very large and makes the battle gradually quite tight. You will be tensed all the time when you try to play this game!


Synergy between features and new experiences at Warzone

The battle experience in Warzone is very difficult to express if players don’t try it themselves. The reason is, every feature they present can work together well. First, the simplified looting concept makes the game more focused on fighting. Second, this game unexpectedly manages to provide a very memorable battle.

Like a blockbuster, wading through the battles in this game will be filled with tense action. The presence of weapons and lots of explosives made Warzone filled with tense gunshots and explosions. Now the developer has a tough job to continue providing fresh content for the players.

Like a collage, Warzone manages to combine various aspects of Call of Duty play and marry it with the battle royale mode. Not only are they able to provide objectives, now players will also encounter many challenges in every corner of the Verdansk map. As a result, the battles provided test the players to a new level in the world of shooter games.




From the very realistic experience of plunging and pulling a parachute, Call of Duty: Warzone will make players who are addicted to action curious to be the last player on the battlefield. This game will provide plenty of action and experience that is perfect for the shooter and battle royale game genres.

Seeing the excellence and freshness offered, we didn’t hesitate to give a perfect score. The reason is, for now there are no significant weaknesses in this game. The freshness of the features and mechanics in this game make it look special compared to its predecessors such as PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

The obstacle that you might experience is the level of difficulty. Because, those of you who are not familiar with the typical Call of Duty mechanism are guaranteed to have difficulty compared to those who are experienced. Of course, this is your own job to improve your skills so you can be the best in Warzone!

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