Alteric is a puzzle platform where we will control a luminous box character to reach the finish line where there are various kinds of threats and trap them around the arena. At first this game looks so slow and cute, but in the middle of the level this game will be quite brutal because we have to consider the laws of physics, gravity, and logic. Even in jumping, we have to adjust our pressure to press the jump button, so that the main character can survive the spikes in the arena.

This game consists of 3 chapters, and each chapter is divided into 10 stages. Another ability of our box character is, making the main character enter another world (underworld), by pressing the box button, the atmosphere of the arena will change, this is used to bring up objects that are not visible in this game, so in playing This game requires a good brain synergy which is supported by reflex from the hand to press the right buttons.

At the end of each chapter there is also a boss fighting, where we have to avoid all boss attacks and press the red button on the boss’s body. This game has fairly minimalist graphics, drizzling rain and a blurry background, while completing the challenges we will be accompanied by a tense atmospheric soundtrack.

Overall this game is quite interesting, at a certain level I have to repeat hundreds of times, because at that level it is very difficult. I don’t feel bored at all, it’s quite challenging to prove that my reflexes, peace of mind and patience can still be controlled. It is suitable for platinum hunter, platinum within 2 hours.

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