Youtube is currently the prima donna in distributing content to consumers which is of course very unique from each content shared. We feel that the media is now wide enough to be obtained and get more attention, especially in the video game industry. Unfortunately, maybe not everyone also gets the benefit that YouTube actually has a myriad of very interesting content but is covered with content that maybe shouldn’t be fit for consumption either. You may want to add this channel list to their subscription list if you are interested in the content.


  1. Gamology

It is a channel that discusses how good the gameplay and graphics offered by a game is through the opinions of famous actors, experts and professionals. We quite like the nature and the content provided because we also learn from there how real or how good a game is offered.


  1. AskGameDev

Ask GameDev gives you some tips and tricks as well as a variety of other interesting info about the game industry. Some of them caught our attention, such as recommendations for game developer podcasts, then reviews of making mobile games and others. You can add this channel as a light show that is packaged attractively.


  1. Game Maker’s Toolkit

Just like the Ask GameDev channel, the Game Maker’s Toolkit channel will give you a variety of interesting reviews on several games, such as how the level design was made in Last of Us II, then some reviews of indie games and others.


  1. Brackeys

We are amazed that there is one channel site that is quite dedicated in providing various tutorials, and there is even a website that you can visit for those of you who need assets for game development.


  1. ESVLB Gaming

This channel discusses how music can give its own nuances for several games that have been released. Some of the content is even just a memes. But we still recommend it for some of you who are trying to find references that discuss music in the game. Maybe we will discuss some of the artists or composers who contributed in making songs for video games.


  1. Keith Burgun

The channel opened by Keith Burgun discusses several things, such as the latest about violence in games, then discusses how MOBAs can be developed and some other interesting videos. This channel is more or less like a webinar to us. That’s a good thing.


  1. Sunder

This YouTube channel will invite you all to take part in seeing the results of level design analysis in a game and also some game reviews. However, this channel does not often raise several topics and the last video uploaded is one year old. You can at least see some level design analysis done by this channel.

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