Rainbow Six Siege has indeed become one of the favorite tactical first person shooter games among many gamers, especially fans of shooter type games. The 2015 Ubisoft development game has succeeded in bringing various successes by still bringing in many players to this day. Most recently, Ubisoft has just announced a major tournament for the game.


Announced through Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft has officially announced that next year there will be a big event for Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft as the developer said that Rainbow Six Siege will be caught in a big tournament to gather the best Rainbow Six Siege teams from around the world entitled Rainbow Six Siege World Cup 2021.


Later, the tournament will be represented by a national team. In the first step, there will be 45 teams competing for a slot in the grand final, where in the grand final there will only be 20 teams that are entitled to compete for the title as the best team in the 2021 Rainbow Six Siege World Cup.


Of course, this will indeed attract the attention of gamers, especially professional players from Rainbow Six Siege, where the presence of this tournament shows that Ubisoft is serious about accommodating Rainbow Six Siege players to be able to compete more seriously and professionally in the game.


Since its release in 2015, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is one of the games made by Ubisoft that continues to develop in a better direction. Despite the fact that they had a hard time at the beginning of its release.



Dozens of content have been added by Ubisoft to the tactical shooter game. They have also held international esports tournaments. Making the player actually increases every year and has a stable number. Now, the French developer and publisher will bring Rainbow Six Siege to the next-gen console.


Through the Ubisoft Forward livestream, Ubisoft officially announced that Rainbow Six Siege will be coming to the next-gen console as a ported game in 2020. The next-gen version will feature additional features such as 4K resolution to 120 fps support.


Players who currently own the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are said to be able to upgrade them at no additional cost. Unfortunately there is no clarity on how to upgrade the details at all.


Along with the announcement, Ubisoft presents an animated trailer to welcome the Operation Legacy content which was released last night. This short animation introduces the main character of Splinter Cell, namely Sam Fisher, codename Zero, who is training with the Rainbow team.


With his years of proven spying experience, Fisher could easily beat the entire Rainbow team by himself. He then said he would return to training with them the next day.

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