After gameplay, and FUT 21, now it’s the turn for Career Mode in FIFA 21, which is being exhibited by EA Sports. Career Mode is a game mode that allows players to become managers of a soccer team. In this mode the player focuses more on managing a team than playing controlling the footballer to get the win.

FIFA 21 Career Mode brings some significant changes. The one that stands out the most is Interactive Match Sim. This feature allows players to choose between playing the footballer to secure key moments, or letting the AI ​​simulate every matchday you face. Interestingly, the appearance of the simulation in FIFA 21 Career Mode is almost similar to Football Manager, which is a small round player who moves here and there.

Apart from that, Career Mode also allows you to shape your players into the way you want them to be. Maybe you want to turn Alexander-Arnold into a playmaking midfielder? Or make a defender who has the ability to run fast into a front winger? All that you can do in FIFA 21 Career Mode.

Management of the training schedule is also more detailed in FIFA 21 Career Mode. You can also train several players at once at one training time. Not only that, players can also play footballers who are training, in order to get more optimal results.

In order to get a more realistic gameplay, FIFA 21 Career Mode also presents more diverse player transfer options. One example, now you can borrow players, with the option to buy them at the end of the loan period. FIFA 21 Career Mode also allows you to trade players to get the players you want.

FIFA 21 will be released on October 9, 2020. So far, EA Sports looks quite serious in working on FIFA 21. On the gameplay side, you can see that there are many features added, such as Agile Dribling or Creative Runs. In FUT 21, apart from the addition of 2v2 mode, you can also see a lot of new content presented for a more interactive game.

Apart from that from the business side, EA Sports also continues to try to embrace the football team to become part of the FIFA soccer game. One of the examples is AC Milan and Inter Milan, which in early August 2020 announced a partnership with EA Sports, in order to appear exclusively at FIFA 21. So, what soccer game to buy this year?

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