Rocky Stoutenburgh, a disabled Fortnite streamer with paralysis from the neck down, has recently signed with Luminosity Gaming. Known as RockyNoHands, Stoutenburgh plays games using Quadstick, a tool that allows him to play with his mouth. Apart from Fortnite, he has also played several other shooting games, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Stoutenburgh became known after he participated in a contest held by gaming media Destructoid. In the competition broadcast on Twitch, Stoutenburgh made it into the top three before taking the title. Not only that, Stoutenburgh also made it to the Guinness World Records. He set two records. First, the highest number of Victory Royale royals in Fornite uses Quadstick and the highest number of eliminations in Fortnite uses Quadstick.

“Right now, my biggest achievement as a streamer is joining Luminosity Gaming. My dream is to be part of a well-known gaming organization like them. And I will proudly wear their uniforms, “said Stoutenburgh in an official statement, as quoted by DailyEsports.

Stoutenburgh became a quadriplegic following an accident in 2006, according to the Hollywood Reporter. At that time, he fell on his head while he was playing wrestling with his friend. This incident made him experience paralysis from the neck down. Since then, he’s been unable to do the things he used to do, like lifting weights and playing hockey. However, he became interested in the game world.

Luminosity Gaming is an esports organization under the company Enthusiast Gaming. They have seven professional esports teams, including Vancouver Titans in the Overwatch League and Seattle Surge in the Call of Duty League. Just like most other esports organizations, Luminosity also has a number of well-known streamers, such as Harley “MrFreshAsian” Campbell, Muselk, Anomaly, and so on.

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