During social distancing and requires you to stay at home, of course you feel bored. One way to spend time during this corona pandemic is to play games like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation. Moreover, it can be done together with family.

However, the number of hands that touches makes you worry. Germs circulated from the touch stick to the controller. Therefore it is necessary to clean the controller after using it.

To clean it, you only need to provide:

  • Soft, lint-free cloth
  • Isopropyl alcohol water (at least 70 percent; higher is better)
  • Q-tips / Cottonswabs
  • A piece of paper or a wooden toothpick
  • Spray bottle (optional)
  • Dish soap (optional)

How to clean the controller:

  • Disconnect all cables and accessories to minimize damage to your controller.
  • If you have a Nintendo Switch, remove the game cartridge and the two joy-cons.
  • Use a toothpick to remove dirt found in the crevices.
  • Do this for each part of the controller.
  • Also note between the button and the case.
  • Use Q-tip or cutton swabs to remove debris or dirt that adheres to the surface area, buttons and crevices.
  • Don’t forget the charging port has also been cleaned.
  • Use a cloth that has been dipped in water and squeezed to wipe the entire surface to be cleaner.

As an option, you can use a mixture of water and dish soap but avoid foaming. In addition, you can use a disinfectant cleaner (or a mixture of water and alcohol) that can be sprayed on the controller surface.

Make sure the controller is completely dry after cleaning using a soft, lint-free cloth. Keep in mind to always clean the controller after use. You should also wash your hands before and after using them.

Indari plays the game with the controller while eating snacks such as chips or other snacks to avoid the debris or crumbs sticking to the hands.

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