With the end of the PMPL title in the American region, the season for PUBG Mobile Pro League has ended. The American Region is the last region to send representatives to the PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero event.

Tournaments in the American region began rolling in early June 2020 ago. Previously, the global PMPL event was delayed in several regions due to the pandemic. After going through various considerations and by taking into account the health protocol, the tournament was held online.

Teams from the north and south of America have fought to fight the last slot for the PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero event. During the initial week of the tournament, 20 teams that competed were divided into 5 groups. Then in the final round the match format was changed to free for all.


Here are some things that can be observed from the course of the tournament. Surprisingly, the Loops team from the start jumped ahead of the tournament with points with a number of kills. The Loops team finished in first place with 6 chicken dinners. A total of 812 points were collected by the Loops team after undergoing 64 matches. Not to forget, at the end of the tournament, Carrilho from the Loops team won the MVP title in the PMPL American region.

Even though Loops was in the lead since the beginning, on the third weekend of the match, there was another surprise given by the Cloud9 team with 323 points. Trengginas performance shown by the Cloud9 team made up for the lack of their points in the previous week.


Following is the list of teams that qualify for the PMWL Season Zero title:

  • Loops
  • X-Quest Gaming
  • B4 Esports
  • Cloud9
  • Wildcard Gaming
  • Queso Team
  • Storm Tempo
  • Pittsburgh Knights.

With the changes and adjustments from Tencent, there are 2 additional slots given. This makes Tempo Storm and Pittsburgh Knights teams in positions 7 and 8 can compete at the West Division division PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero. The same thing also happened in the East division with the entry of RRQ Athens and Morph Team.

Even though PUBG Mobile World League experienced uncertainty, it was still held. PMWL Season Zero will be held on July 10-August 9 2020. PMWL Season Zero will be divided into 2 divisions namely West and East.


The West Division will be filled by teams of champions from the European, Middle Eastern and American regions. While the East division will be filled with teams from Asian countries. Let’s look forward to the excitement and action of the best team in the world in the top tournament, PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero


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