In order to celebrate the launch of his new tactical shooter game, Riot collaborated with Twitch to hold the Valorant Launch Showdown competition. The total prize offered in the competition reached US $ 200 thousand. Unfortunately, Riot has not determined the exact date of the tournament. One thing is certain, the competition will be held in conjunction with the Summer Games Fest from Twitch, which is held on 5-7 June 2020.


Riot Games will hold a Valorant Launch Showdown tournament for six regions, namely North America, Brazil, Latin America, Europe, South Korea, and Japan. This Valorant Tournament will be broadcasted on Twitch’s new gaming and esports special channel, namely / twitchgaming. Indeed, Twitch is known as a streaming game platform. However, the new channel will specifically broadcast news about the game, various events related to the game, and exclusive content of the game. The channel will also feature exclusive interviews with developers and feature a number of indie games, reports The Esports Observer.

The Valorant Launch Showdown will be the first Valorant tournament held by Riot. Before this, there were indeed third parties that held Valorant tournaments, such as the South Korean esports organization, T1. Valorant Launch Showdown will also be the beginning of Riot’s plan to develop the esports ecosystem from its newest shooter game. Riot said, at this time, they would not intervene directly in organizing the Valorant tournament. Instead, they will leave the third party responsible for the development of the Valorant export ecosystem. However, Forbes estimates, within the next few years, Riot will hold his own Valorant tournament.


To prepare for the launch of Valorant, Riot will close the closed beta version. When launched, Valorant will offer new content, such as maps and new operators. It is also possible, Riot will also release a new mode. So far, the fans are satisfied with the Valorant beta. Millions of people have tried the game. However, this game also has a number of problems, such as high ping, difficulty registering, and of course, people who cheat. Riot claims they have overcome the problem.

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