Overwatch League star player, Jay Won (Sinatraa) announced the shocking departure of the team he defended so far, San Francisco Shock. This becomes quite interesting, because Sinatra itself is a player who managed to bring San Francisco Shock to a glorious victory in the 2019 Overwatch League.

His departure was even more surprising, because Sinatra left San Francisco Shock to pursue a career in the latest FPS game made by Riot Games, Valorant. This might sound like a hurried step from Sinatra, because Riot Games itself has said not to intervene directly to develop the Valorant esports ecosystem and release it to third parties, in the early years of Valorant.

But the enthusiasm for Valorant is indeed quite high, because ESPN or T1 have already held competitions, even though this game is still in closed-beta status. Through a tweet, Sinatraa revealed the reason she left Overwatch which was triggered by the loss of passion for the Hero Shooter genre game.


“I don’t know what the passion killer is, but maybe the style of play that requires 2 tanks 2 dps 2 support on Overwatch, maybe because of the tire system, I’m not sure. One thing I know is that it’s hard just to log in, play, and I don’t feel the slightest pleasure in the scrims / rankings that I do. ” Sinatra explained further about the loss of passion she felt towards Overwatch.

“This is not a decision I made in just one day. For one month I did not sleep due to stress and kept thinking about this non-stop every day. I know it’s hard, but I want to do something right for myself. ” Sinatra explained further.

Sinatra’s departure became another major departure in the Overwatch League after a few in early January, one of the pioneers of the franchise league in esports was left by 5 major shouters. This departure also becomes a yellow light for OWL, because players with the most brilliant careers such as Sinatra, can easily go and move to places with competitive scenarios that have not been fully formed.

Leaving SF Shock, Sinatra is now anchored to the Sentinels team to play Valorant. The 2019 Overwatch League MVP plays with Apex Legends players, Jared Gitlin (Zombs), Shahzeb Khan (ShahZam), and Hunter Mims (Sick) who are former CS: GO players. They will play to fill in content and also compete in whatever esports tournaments there are and will grow later in Valorant.


Rob Moore, Founder and CEO of the Sentinels team, said in the release. “Our big goal as an organization is to connect our fans with the biggest, most exciting games in esports, and to recruit champions like the Fortnite and Halo divisions. The recruitment of Sinatra, Shazam and Sick will further embed our position as a home for players and world-class teams. ”

Sentinels itself is an esports organization that is still as old as corn. Founded in 2019, the team is home to world champion Fortnite, Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha).


Seeing this situation actually raises two questions. What is the future of Overwatch League? Will Valorant become a global esports rival CS: GO and Overwatch?

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