Climbing rank or push rank is indeed not easy. Basically climbing rank is indeed an activity that challenges the endurance, sharpness and consistency of your game from time to time. So, actually do not be surprised if your rank is still staganan, or even down, because raising rank is not as easy as you think. If you are out of your mind, there are a few tips for getting your game up to level better. Here are a few:

1) Avoid Beginner Mistakes

Dead because of not being vigilant, defending in an unstrategic place, forgetting to bring equipment, not paying attention to the direction of the circle, attacking carelessly, is a list of mistakes that are usually made by beginners. If you want to continue to rank up, then you must continue to optimize your game, making it so without gaps.


Since many things on PUBG Mobile can run automatically, it’s important for you to be more aware of your every move in the game. Playing does not have to be always fast and too alert to the situation, sometimes you can also relax and be aware of every move you make.


For example when looting, after conditions are safe enough try to check your bag, Is all the equipment is complete? Check the map, see the position of the next circle. If you are far from the circle, try to find the most strategic place in the circle, plan the safest rotation path. When meeting the enemy where you want to occupy, try to look around, find the best path for you to attack enemies who are defending. If you play TPP, don’t forget the enemy also has a Third-Person camera like you, which is advantageous when in a defensive position. They could be hiding, but they still see your movements, so don’t be too careless.


2) Use the most comfortable graphic settings and controls

When talking about the settings in a game, in my opinion there is no one setting that could be considered the best. If there is no best, then what settings to look for? Certainly the most comfortable setting, which allows you to play without gaps. In PUBG Mobile, in my opinion there are at least three regulatory elements that need attention.


First is graphics. According to my personal opinion, competitive shooter games like PUBG Mobile really don’t really need the best graphic quality, but it requires the highest frame-per-second so you don’t respond to situations too late. If your smartphone is capable, set Graphics at Smooth and Frame Rate at Extreme. Don’t forget to try the graphic style in the game. Colorful styles might help you find enemies because of the contrasting graphics, but in essence you can try one by one graphic style that you feel most comfortable.


Second is the control layout. PUBG Mobile players are usually divided into several control groups, there are two thumb fingers, claw-style four-finger players, or three-finger control players. You can use the one that you think is most comfortable. If you are confused, you can also look at the control layout references of professional players and try them out.


Third is sensitivity. This arrangement is also personal for each player. There are players who are comfortable with low sensitivity and some who are not. Some like to use Gyroscope control or not. You should experiment with this set, until you find the most comfortable arrangement for you. Again, you can look for professional player settings references if you are confused looking for the right settings.


3) Play Squad With Individualist Mentalism

Actually it doesn’t really matter if you want to increase your Squad rank but you don’t have any mabar friends. At the initial rank, consider Silver to Platinum, the game can still be won even if you play alone against Squad. However, before starting to play prepare individualist mentality first.


So when playing, only think about your own safety without having to care about the random friends you meet through matchmaking. Don’t forget, turn off the voice communication feature that might test your patience later. No need to listen or give commands, just play by instinct. If you see a friend who is good at immediately follow, also do not hesitate to leave if his ability is pathetic.

4) Learn to Make Decisions

One of the most trained abilities of many competitive games is usually the ability to make decisions or decision making. Fixed looting or rotation? Where does the rotation go? Endure or be aggressive? Revive or kill the enemy? That may be just a few decisions you have to make.


In fact there are many more that must be decided and you must decide quickly in this game. If there are tips I have to say about decision making, there may be two important things that you note, namely confidence and don’t panic.


The matter of confidence, the point is do not hesitate when making decisions in the game. Don’t be afraid to be blamed for the decisions you make. Revive or finish? If you are confident to finish off the enemy then do it! Even if you end up failing, don’t worry, because there is still the next game to reply to that. But please distinguish between stubborn trust. You must also be diligent in evaluating the decisions that you make. If it’s wrong, you have to accept it, and try to make a different decision in the same scenario.


Second is don’t panic. Staying calm is the key to games like Battle Royale. The more calm you are, the sharper the decision you make. How to stay calm? Back to the first point about avoiding mistakes beginners and realizing the game. In a battle scenario, if you calmly realize where you are and your enemy, you can more easily and better decide to run away or confront because you are aware of the situation.


5) Use Gadgets to Add to Your Play Experience

Even though it might be banned in professional level tournaments, I still feel it doesn’t hurt to use sophisticated gadgets in playing to climb the rank of PUBG Mobile. This you can do especially if you play PUBG Mobile entirely just for fun. Why is that? Because using a gadget will make your playing experience more full and enjoyable.


If you play PUBG Mobile, there are actually some interesting gadgets other than just a trigger to shoot with your index finger. One of them is a complete set with grip features such as joystick, cooling fan, power bank, and index trigger to make it easier for you to shoot. Gadgets like this are pretty popular for sale, which you can easily find on various ecommerce page channels.


6) Buy a Royale Pass, Why Not?

This might be a little deviated from the tips to become a champion. In my opinion, if you invest the time to climb the rank of PUBG Mobile, the appearance of a cool character can be a gift that continues to motivate you to continue playing. Therefore, Royale Pass can be the best offer.


Why is that? You see, with just a little capital, you can already enjoy a variety of additional content that makes the game more lively; whether it’s costumes, weapon skins, parachutes, additional dance emotes, and so on.


If you have excess funds, just buy Royale Pass Elite Upgrade Plus using Razer Gold. Besides being easy, Razer Gold also has a variety of game vouchers that you need. Nominal UC denominations with Razer Gold are also very diverse, ranging from 50 UC to 2500 UC. Moreover, you will also get a variety of attractive benefits if you buy Royale Pass using Razer Gold, ranging from special Scar-L skins, to the opportunity to get Razer official merchandise, Razer Phone 2, and Razer Kraken Ultimate.


Hopefully all the tips above can help you reach the rank of Conqueror at PUBG Mobile. Have fun playing, happy fighting!

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