The Indian esports market is growing rapidly. This can be seen from the total number of esports tournament prizes in 2019, which has more than doubled from the previous year. Therefore, do not be surprised if there are international esports organizations who are interested in entering the Indian esports market. One of them is the SoloMid Team. The North American organization has just announced its partnership with Entity Gaming, the Indian PUBG Mobile team. Last year, Entity won the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Asia Fall and ranked fifth in the global tournament.


With this partnership, the Entity Gaming team will use the Entity TSM name. TSM said, they will use their experience in the European and North American esports markets to help Entity grow larger. Unfortunately, no details are known of the contract between the two.

“TSM wants to be a global esports organization that has teams from various countries who are united because they are thirsty for victory,” said Don Kim, Director of Esports Operations, TSM, according to the Esports Insider report. “By cooperating with the number one team in India, this opens the way for us to enter the PUBG Mobile esports market there. This is an important step for our organization. And we see this as an opportunity to reach millions of new gaming fans and to make the Entity team the number one team in the world. ”


TSM is not the first global esports organization to partner with the PUBG Mobile team in India. In October 2019, Fnatic acquired the XSpark team. Do not stop there, they plan to build their own headquarters in India. Another proof of Fnatic’s seriousness in the Indian esports market is their decision to hire a former senior manager of Riot Games. Indeed, in India, PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games. The game was the talk of many people, ranging from the national cricket team to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


“We are very grateful to the Indian community who have shown their support for our players so far. We understand that with our achievements, we now have the responsibility to bring international tournament trophies to India. We believe that working with TSM is a step towards achieving this goal, “Entity Gaming CEO Neerav Rukhana was quoted as saying by The Esports Observer. He added, going forward, Entity plans to expand to other mobile games.

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