As promised long ago, Death Stranding will be released on a PC in the early summer of 2020. Well, now we have an exact date, June 2, and the good news is again, it will be available at Epic Games Store as well as Steam.

For those who don’t know, Death Stranding is a game created by Hideo Kojima, the famous figure behind the birth of a legendary franchise like Metal Gear. Death Stranding was Kojima’s first game after he left Konami and founded his own company, Kojima Productions.

Death Stranding is very different from the Metal Gear series. The main character is not a secret agent who specializes in sneaking, but a courier named Sam Bridges. This game certainly offers an element of combat, but most of the playing time will be spent walking while carrying cargo.

In fact, Death Stranding offers a unique mechanism that requires players to maintain the balance of the play during walking or running, to the point that many refer to its genre as a walking simulator. I am personally curious how this mechanism control – which relies on both the trigger buttons on the gamepad – will be translated to the keyboard and mouse.

The PC version is said to present a number of extra features and content. Additional features include Photo Mode, support for ultra-wide monitors and high frame-rates. But what might sound more interesting is the extra content, which was borrowed from the Hard-Life franchise.

Yes, Valve’s Half-Life is the meaning of that. From the trailer, we can see that Sam was wearing glasses that were very similar to those of the Half-Life main character, Gordon Freeman, not to mention the red faucet behind his head which immediately reminded me of the Valve logo.

At the end of the trailer, Sam is even shown wearing Headcrab, one of the iconic enemies in Half-Life, as a hat. The possibility of all this is only limited to cosmetics, but it would be very interesting if it also can enrich the gameplay, especially considering the trailer also shows Sam was wearing gravity gloves, which itself is an important element in Half-Life: Alyx.

Could Valve be also lending his trademark crowbar as a weapon for Sam? Who knows, the players are tired of relying on a rope to strangle and crave a more brutal stealth session. Or more extreme, Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator aka Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 maybe?

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