Riot Games is very ambitious in 2020. The reason, they announced they would make several games in different genres. Legend of Runeterra which is a League of Legends-themed card game has entered the beta phase in January. Furthermore, Riot Games also introduced their FPS genre game called Project A. Looking at the video trailer, Project A is like a combination of CS: GO and Overwatch. Hero-based FPS is indeed interesting to play for fans of the MOBA and FPS genres. But after the trailer announcement, Riot Games has not yet provided further information about their Project A. But they are sure to provide updates in 2020.

Quoted from Daily Esports, recently there was someone who got information about the registration of the trademark “Valorant” by Riot Games. Not yet certain whether the registered brand is to be used in their FPS Project A game. Along with this discovery, Twitter was suddenly surprised by the appearance of the @PlayVALORANT account that has been followed by CS: GO and Rainbow Six Siege esports athletes. On the Twitter account, there is a banner showing the number 02.

Project A game screenshots are also spread on Twitter. The @ValorantTheGame account spreads screenshots during the character selection phase in the game Project A. In this screenshot you can see some characters and information about the skills possessed by Sage. Acting as support, Sage has several skills namely Barrier Orb, Slow Orb, Healing Orb and Resurrection.

Viper was also shown in the Project A trailer. His skills are more offensive than Sage’s. The number of skills possessed by these characters is greater than the characters in Overwatch. So many active skills, Project A has a thick MOBA element. Which makes me curious, how wild Project A developers to create mechanical skills in the game.

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