Simulation is one of the most easily assessed video game genres. Because the factor that will always be used as the main benchmark is realism. The closer it is to the reality of a simulation game, the better and more interesting it is to play. Simply put it this way.


Of course there are still other factors, such as the narrative factor as a seasoning, but when faced with a game that carries the name “Simulator” in its title, I will definitely judge how accurate the game is in describing the real situation. Realism is very important in simulation games, and Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t seem to want to play around with this.


Announced at the E3 event last year, Microsoft Flight Simulator is basically a total reboot of the franchise that was born 37 years ago. The trailer already shows stunning graphics, but it turns out that Asobo Studio developers who do it also want to show off how detailed this game is, relevant to the actual conditions.

Through a video, Sven Mestas as the lead game designer Asobo explained that Microsoft Flight Simulator will present all airports on Earth. Yes, all, or specifically 37,000 airports that they made based on satellite data along with other original data.


As a comparison, Microsoft Flight Simulator X which was released in 2006 was only equipped with 24,000 airports. Starting from a small airport in the mountainous region with a short runway, to of course magnificent airports in big cities, everything will be visited by the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is scheduled to be released this year.


Returning to the topic of realism, Asobo made sure that all of their airports were carried out as accurately and accurately as possible, starting from the shape of the runway, to the symbols and indicators that filled it. Asobo even paid attention to aircraft parking points at each airport, again by combining satellite data from Bing Maps as well as original data.


Especially for the 80 most popular airports, Asobo said the details would be even more complete. In addition to the airport design that resembles the original, Microsoft Flight Simulator will also simulate ‘life’ at the airport so that players can also feel the bustle at the airport everyday.


Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the simulation genre – with the exception of Cities: Skylines – but I might play this game just to feel the incredible realism it offers.

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