Playing online games shouldn’t be haphazard

Do you like playing games online? Yes, as you know, online games are currently mushrooming. Many types of online games such as mobile legend, PUBG, Free Fire, Fortnite and others.

Of course this online game can be followed by all groups from young to old and can be followed from any country.

Even if you only play online games, there are ethics that you must apply. What are the ethics? Check out what ethics reviews you should apply in playing online games.

  1. Don’t be discriminatory or racist

In playing online games you are certainly not playing alone. The players come from different countries, tribes or religions. But sometimes playing online games, it is your habit to discriminate against players from other countries who are not a team.

Sometimes you find it difficult to avoid this, however, we need to know that discriminatory actions actually include cyber bullying. Therefore, be wise in playing games, to avoid things that are not desirable.

  1. Sportive (don’t cheat)

Cheat seems to sound normal in playing online games. But in playing online games is certainly very annoying if your opponents use cheats or illegal programs to win him.

This is very unsportsmanlike and makes online gaming fun. Besides being considered cheating and disliked by other players, sooner or later you will be kicked or banned by the game master or admin.

  1. Don’t spam chat

Don’t spam chat, including ethics? Yeah, because it’s really annoying if your teammates chat spam that isn’t important.

If you want to send a message to a teammate it is better to write as needed and be brief. Imagine if your teammate sent so many chat messages, it would be very disruptive to the game and could not focus on playing.

  1. Don’t say rude

Wow, it seems like this has become an ethic in general, but it must be applied when playing games. If you say rude to others, it is feared that there will be resentment.

In addition, it is important to remember that the age of online game players varies, and it is possible for many children to play games. So by not saying rude you can also give good examples to younger siblings.

  1. Say thank you

Yes, thanks are important in various ways including playing games. Because in playing online games you must be dealing with many people and are required to cooperate with each other to get a high score or to win a match.

So mutual appreciation is important in order to create a comfortable atmosphere in play. The words of thanks are simple but full of meaning in appreciating and showing appreciation to other players.

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