For an unfamiliar product, shopping decisions are often based on the first impression offered by the product. For most gamers, the focus is usually directed at games that appear to have a AAA flavor that is thick in terms of visuals or descriptions, making it a priority. As a result, not a few potential indie games with fantastic appeal that ended up being overlooked. In fact, if he is given the opportunity to be tasted and enjoyed, it is not uncommon that he will offer an experience that is no less exciting and enjoyable like other AAA games. This sensation is what we get from the action game RPG – Cat Quest 2.


Coming from a Singapore-based developer – The Gentlebros, Cat Quest 2 comes as a small-scale RPG action game that comes with visualizations and super-cute characters with fairy tales in it. Strengthened with a two-character system that encourages local co-op as one of the main features, it also supports a real-time character change system for those of you who want to taste it solo. With the opportunity to explore the world and fight with various monsters of various sizes in it, this game is indeed not a complex product. But in its simplicity, moreover supported by a presentation that is so “cute”, Cat Quest 2 is ready to steal your heart from the first glance.


So, what exactly is offered by this Cat Quest 2? Why do we call this a “cute” RPG game? This review will discuss it deeper for you!




Cat Quest 2 takes the setting of a fantasy world where two main breeds live in it – cat and dog. The cats live in a kingdom called Felingard, while dogs occupy a kingdom called Lupus Empire. Each is led by a king who not only comes with super cool armor, but also extraordinary strength. But unfortunately, as can be predicted, they were wrong. What was thought by these two kings was only ego competition to control the other kingdoms, which of course meant the war did not end.


You play the role of two heroes without memory – a cat and a dog summoned by magical power into this world. Many recognize you as a hero who had resolved dangerous conflicts in the past and are now hoping to return your peace to the lands of Felingard and Lupus Empire. There is no more promising solution than to defeat each of the kings of the kingdom and restore the peace it should have. But of course, this trip will not be as easy as imagined.


The first conflict against one of the kings actually results in havoc and opens your eyes to a new fact – that your current strength is totally incapable of emulating them. While strengthening themselves, the solution now lies in a legendary sword of the past which is believed to be able to subdue these two kings easily. But to get it, you have to travel the world, crossing Felingard and Lupus Empire to get the pieces of the sword which were indeed broken and spread for a strong reason in the past. Your hopes do depend on this one magical sword.

Super-cute world


Comes with a thick cartoon flavor, the world offered by Cat Quest 2 does offer a “cute” impression that is super strong since you first played it. The taste of the cartoon was chosen to be the foundation, along with a colorful world, adorable character designs, as well as character name games, city names, to the choice of dialogue words which usually contained jokes based on the world of dogs he had injected. From the presentation side, Cat Quest 2 does show a strong fairy tale image with a less serious disposition. Enough to make it look like a “relaxed” game that is ready to make you fall in love at first sight, especially if you don’t mind the cute impression that stands out strongly. You will also find some cool meta jokes in it, including a battle against the developer team itself.


That your journey to save Felingard and Lupus Empire will be dominated by the process of exploration and battle on the World Map while trying to explore the variety of dungeons scattered in various corners of the world, which are usually imaged with the ruins of buildings or a large cave. You will also find the city indeed, but most only present as cosmetic buildings. Most interactions with NPCs, even side missions, also occur on the World Map. The three “safe” locations that you can enter freely are Shop forging weapons, forging armor, and forging magic which are also scattered.


As you progress through the world of Cat Quest 2, the higher your appreciation for the level of polish it offers, especially as an indie game. We are not just talking about the lack of bugs, but also how it ensures your experience is not interrupted by annoying designs. As an example? When you complete a side mission, for example. If most of the RPG games will require you to return to the location of the mission giver, the quest NPC in Cat Quest 2 will usually come directly to you as soon as the side mission is complete. This means you don’t have to walk far to “close” the mission and this makes the playing experience feel smoother. Although you still have to move to the initial location if you want to continue the same questline.


Other extra compliments should also be directed at the sound effect he was carrying. That for an RPG action game with a strong cartoon flavor, every fight you go through feels so satisfying thanks to the execution of supporting sound effects that deserve a thumbs up. Each incoming melee attack, for example, produces a steady punch sound effect, which is also followed by a special sound if the incoming attack is in “Critical” status. The same thing happened in the variety of existing magical attacks. While for the OST side, although it cannot be called special, the music that is carried by Cat Quest 2 at least fulfills its main task – building the right atmosphere for specific scenes.


So in terms of presentation, not many things can be complained of Cat Quest 2 which incidentally is an indie game. Comes with a super cute presentation that involves a race of cats and dogs, it feels like a fairy tale of life that still carries a strong sense of fantasy on it.

Small Scale Action RPG


The easiest way to define Cat Quest 2 is to call it a small-scale action RPG game. Action RPG means that you move actively, with the ability to attack or roll to avoid being pinned to specific buttons. Where your fighting performance is not only determined by the strength of the character, but also your mechanical abilities. If you have good mechanical abilities, where you understand very well when the right time to attack or roll, you will not even be difficult to defeat enemies or bosses who have higher levels. As for his small-scale affairs, we talk about how to handle side missions and the short story he brings. An action RPG game that is not difficult for you to complete within 10 hours, with a level of difficulty that is also easy.


Apart from the basic design that is more exciting to play in the local co-op format given the 2 character system that he was carrying, Cat Quest 2 still facilitates those who want to solve it in Solo. This two-character system – dogs and cats are retained, but you are now equipped with a specific button to replace them in real-time during a fight or exploration. Each dog and cat character is not equipped with unique skills or special exploration abilities. They are only different in terms of cosmetics and will appear as “blank sheets” that provide space for you to shape them. The best part comes from the fact that you can pin two different variants of equipment to them.


The role and how you play the two characters in Cat Quest 2 will depend on what type of equipment you have attached to each of them. The weapons you use, of course, determine the distance and speed of attack, with certain buff effects. Dagger can attack faster with a large critical chance, while Staff / Wand offers elemental-based range attacks. The same thing happens in other equipment systems such as Armor and Hat that offer buffs and will affect the status of each character, whether he will be strong in terms of physical attack, magic, or even defense. Equipment comes as a reward from the exploration process and completion of the mission with each of them being strengthened at the expense of a certain amount of money in a specific shop.


Together with equipment systems that you can embed differently for each character, Cat Quest 2 also allows you to embed up to 4 different types of Magic for each character. This means, with two adventurous characters, you can use a total of 8 types of Magic on hand with which system will recover with more physical combination attacks that successfully “enter” the enemy. This magic comes with a variety of functions, from restoring to those that can be combined as a consistent damage generator ready to destroy all kinds of challenges.


So with a real-time character switch system and different builds for each of these characters, you can develop special strategies to ensure easier battles. Moreover, the character that you are not using will be controlled by an AI that is reliable enough to consistently attack and execute the magic that you embed if needed. As an example? We personally chose to build a build melee for the dog and Mage with a range attack for the cat. Different playing styles like this allow us to adapt to various types of battle situations, especially when fighting various existing bosses. Everything is far more optimal considering the AI ​​that controls the other character, has a high survival ability so that not even he will end up being a burden.


In the midst of a pleasant combination between these two characters, Cat Quest 2’s decision to emphasize the character strengthening system through the equipment system and not just a matter of level, automatically makes motivation to complete side missions and stop in the various dungeons that you meet along the way to become stronger. Why? Because most of these dungeons and side missions will offer equipment as the main reward. Cool again? It does not carry a duplicate system, so there is no equipment that is not useful. If you find two of the same equipment, the “duplicate” equipment will immediately melt into the previous equipment and immediately increase the level of equipment, of course, making their stretcher status stronger. This duplicate system also prevents the two characters from using the same equipment, considering that you will only have 1 type of weapon / armor for each variant.


On top of this truly solid and satisfying RPG action system, Cat Quest 2 does feel like a small-scale fantasy game. One of them is supported by simple stories and story progress that directly takes you to many locations without much going through the grinding process. This small-scale sensation also slides from the dungeon design he is carrying. Dungeons in Cat Quest 2 will usually end up in 2 types: dungeons that ask you to clear all enemies while going through various traps to get the crates as the main reward and dungeons that are present like challenges where you are asked to survive against waves of enemies. Each dungeon can usually be completed within 5-10 minutes.


So with short-lived challenges and fast-moving stories, Cat Quest 2 feels increasingly “narrowing” from the side of the scale. It doesn’t take long to finish the story, it doesn’t take long to complete each dungeon, it doesn’t take long to subdue every boss if you know what you’re doing. The one that makes this more obvious? Super easy difficulty level!


Super Easy!


One of the reasons why Cat Quest 2 feels like a small-scale action RPG game also surfaces from a comparatively low level of difficulty. There really is an attempt to “lighten up” your moves by pinning and informing enemy levels that are higher for some areas and dungeons that should prevent you from exploring them until you are ready enough. In some situations, such a strategy is indeed effective considering that enemies who have a difference of 15 levels or higher, which usually come with an armor mark next to their HP, are almost impossible to overcome with your damage at that time. Even when your mechanical abilities are mesmerizing.


But this “biggest challenge” Cat Quest 2 is also easy to beat. This game is generous enough to throw a large amount of EXP for each side mission that you complete, so you could end up going up one or two levels for it. If you are diligent in completing side missions, it is not difficult to find a situation where you can subdue dungeons that are at level 10 levels higher, finish off enemies that incidentally offer more EXP, and continue to gain levels. Even worse news? The main mission also does not have a scaling level at all. This means that if you diligently complete side missions continuously, it is not impossible that you will end up with 30 levels higher than the main mission and therefore, finish all challenges with two or three attacks with no difficulty at all. This condition certainly contributes to your speed in completing Cat Quest 2.


Another thing that also contributes significantly to this easy difficulty level also lies in the fact that it really accommodates the Min-Max build which is usually in other RPG games, comes with weaknesses on the other side that you don’t strengthen. By using the Gold that you collect from completing missions and killing enemies, you can decide to strengthen only one type of weapon for you to use from the beginning to the end of the game and ensure that your money really pays sweet there. Not only that, you can do the same conditions with Magic that you use frequently or armor that you are about to wear continuously. Rest? Combine a combination of Weapons – Armor – Hat that focuses on only one attribute, such as physical attacks for example and find it effective to solve almost all challenges. This Min-Max build concept will make even the most difficult enemies of Cat Quest 2 easily subject to submission.


Other contributions also come from the system without consequences for death. That even in the worst case scenario, where you end up being subjected to trying a dungeon with too high a different level or a new boss, you will only be delivered back to the last checkpoint / save point before you die. There is no reduction in EXP, no reduction in Gold, no equipment is destroyed or decreased levels, no permanent HP cuts, and the like. With it, you always have room to try out the various things you want to do in Cat Quest 2 without having to worry about anything.


But this easy level of difficulty also means one thing – that it will be a friendly RPG action game for casual gamers, especially if you taste it in a co-op format. You can play it together with children, couples, or even friends who have not been too familiar with video games and immediately have fun with it. You can act as a “carry” to solve various challenges that might hamper their progress, while they have fun with ease of control and mechanics that are not difficult to master. This will be a local co-op game in a possible adventure format, as long as you are looking for it.



So regardless of its status as an indie game done by a small team, Cat Quest 2 surprisingly, managed to appear as a solid small-scale RPG action game. That since you played it from the beginning, you can easily understand the attention and love that they give to ensure the fantasy adventure of this cat and dog race looks charming. Cat Quest 2 comes with a satisfying action RPG mechanic, the number of dungeons ready to keep you busy, visuals are so cute, equipment systems that are sufficient to motivate the exploration process, entertaining meta jokes, and sound effects that succeed in making everything feel like having a impact. should. The whole experience he was stretching was fun, especially if you have friends to taste the co-op mode that he stretcher.


But unfortunately, Cat Quest 2 also comes with two classic problems that usually follow the release of an indie game. First, of course content. We are not only concerned about the overall experience that feels short, but because of the fact that the sensation is present because of the design challenges he is carrying. That most dungeons will start to feel repetitive because they come with the same mission, and are usually not large enough or complex to bother you. You won’t even sweat anything to subdue each of them, we are sure of that. Scaling systems that need a little balancing, especially for the main mission also need to be considered. Because when this review was written, it was very easy for the character to feel over-leveled when returning to the main mission which was then followed by the ease to subdue all the challenges, just like that.


But of course, as an indie game, Cat Quest 2 is an action RPG game that easily manages to steal hearts. We came in with low anticipation and ended up surprised by the fact that we liked the overall experience he offered. A small-scale action RPG game that won’t make you break out in a cold sweat because of the lack of risk it carries? When was the last time you tasted a game like this? Cat Quest 2 is a casual action RPG game filled with hearts, that’s for sure.

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